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A word from the director

Louis Bélanger, directeur des HEI

Welcome to the HEI website

HEI is a leading graduate school specializing in international studies. Our interdisciplinary master’s and PhD programs enjoy an excellent reputation, and our graduates have gone on to highly successful careers in such fields as diplomacy, international affairs, the nonprofit sector, and the media. Our research groups, centres and chairs contribute to the advancement of knowledge of many key world issues in the areas of security, the environment, economics, and humanitarian assistance, either alone or, frequently, in combination. Études internationales, our French-language scholarly journal, publishes leading-edge university research in the field. And our intensive summer schools enable students and non-students to acquire critical insights into timely topics du jour.

HEI’s  academic  and research programs are highly demanding: in addition to speaking various languages, we are also fluent in law, economics, and political science, enriching our reputation as a place to learn, think, and share knowledge. We are also well-connected via inter-institutional exchanges, an international internship program, and established partnerships.

I hope that this site will inspire you to become part of our community, either by studying at HEI or attending some of the many public activities we offer every year.

Enjoy your visit,

Louis Bélanger



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